How to Scan a Website for bugs using Kali Linux (Uniscan)

Singh Gurjot

Follow the simple steps to find the vulnerability in any website:

First open the terminal and type the command:


It will open the window of uniscan


Now type the command:

uniscan -u -sqdw


Here i am using

And your website’s URL should be end with the forward slash  and now just hit enter and then the process will start.

  • Directory Check: Directory check will check the directories of the website and it willlist the directories of the website as shown in the bellow snapshot.


  • File check : Now as the name says it will check the files which are hosted in the website.
  • Now crawler is started it will grab all the email address and externals hosts and all the information
    How to scan a website for bugs using backtrack
  • Emails
  • External Host:
    How to scan a website for bugs using backtrack
    Web backdoors:
    How to scan a website for bugs using backtrack
    File upload forums :
    How to scan a website for bugs using backtrack
    Now let me tell you that using this tool we can scan the websites for…

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